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Poetry Spring 2011

Poetry 1

The Fox Land    by Santiago del Dardano Turann

The Park Ranger   by Richard Fein

Wildflowers bobbing  by Joan McNerney

Poetry 2

God Make Leafblowers Disappear    by Marianne Betterly

Before Breakfast   by Wynne Huddleston

Distractions   by  Douglas Polk

Bonkers   by Mike Berger

Poetry 3

Mountain Top Experience   by  james g. piatt

The Elk River, Calm and Indifferent   by Peter Goodwin

The Voyage    by Martin C. Rosner

I'd Rather Be   by Clinton Van Inman

Poetry 4

Springscape    by Changming Yuan

Warm Comforter of Earth  by Peggy Kingsford Fletcher

Old Man Under Oaks  by  Bob Hoffman

Waning Winter by  Ed Higgins

Poetry 5

Lady Named Philosophia   by  R.L. Greenfield

39th Street Starbuck's   by Lola Nation

Understudy   by Lola Nation

Lady with ermine  by David Raymond