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Current Issue Winter 2016
February  2016







Poetry 1

It Doesn't Matter How Loud  by Simon Perchik

Early Morning   by  Len Kuntz

A Stage For Sorrow And Comfort   by Richard Fein

Poetry 2

Edgar Allen Poe's Wife Signs Up For Netflix   by Allison Thorpe

In Safe Hands   by Jo Erbacher

I Woke Up Early on Christmas  Morning   by Terri Ward

Poetry 3

Anna In Autumn     by  Barbara A Meier

Sea of Winter    by Satyananda Sarangi

A Fire In Winter   by Anne Whitehouse


Poetry 4

The Fading Winter Sunset   by James G. Piatt

Nature's Promise    by  Gary Beck

Galina Without Tourist     by Linda Thornton Peterson

Stories 1

The Malvern Tree   by Tom Sheehan

Stories 2

Circle of Sanctuary   by Claudia Pleiffer

Snap   by Claudia Pleiffer