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Spring 2019

Poetry 1

Green Cadence   by Tom Sheehan

Frog Lake   by Tom Sheehan

Loon Watching  by  John Grey

Invitation   by Joan McNerney

Not One   by Kim Hazelwood Haley

Poetry 2

The Trees Think In Solemn Tones  by William Doreski

The Poet Celebrates Spring   by  Terri Hadley-Ward  

Snug Hollow    by  Barbara Brooks

Triumphant Day  by  Eira Needham

When Time Guided Our Day   by  James G. Piatt

Friendship  by Ute Carson

Poetry 3

Endless Knot    by  Beth Duncan

Park Dirge   by  Gary Beck

* Wild from the cold each splash   by Simon Perchik

Kick the Cat    by  Katherine Inez Davis 


Poetry 4

Longanimity   by Brenda Berry

Flight of Knowledge  by James B. Nicola

What Else is On   by  Frederick Pollack

Whispers   by Bonnie Amesquita 

Stories 1

Near Vega  by Kenneth Schalhoub

The Quiet Camel   by Tom Sheehan

Stories 2

Dog Days  by Bob Beach

The True Story of a True Woman   by  Amy Arutt