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Current Issue Spring 2017

Poetry 1

Black Bear  by John Berry

La Lune by John Berry

Flying like Finches by F.E. Walls

Poetry 2

A Glimpse of Spring by  Joan McNerney

Medley   by Joan McNerney

Gang Attack    by Eira Needham

Poetry 3

Exhausted on its Back the Sun   by SImon Perchik

What Fells The Gulls Crying by  Peter Magliocco

Poetry 4

Old  Heart  by Ute Carson

Perpetual Stillness   by  James  B. Nicola

For the Length  Green Leaves Go   by Kim Hazelwood

Creative Nonfiction 1

A Gathering of Memories, the Writing Kind  by Tom Sheehan

Creative Nonfiction 2

The Boy I Once Knew  by Tom Sheehan