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Current Issue Spring 2015

Poetry 1

The Tree    by Carolyn Wolfe

Sequoia    by Patrice Mason

Sing Spring    by Kim Hazelwood

The Lone Coyote   by James G. Piatt

Poetry 2

The Prayer of Trees   by Terri Hadley Ward

Two Lips    by Marianne Woest

Starlit Seduction  by Eira Needham

Lonely Violin  by Robert Martin

Poetry 3

When  by Carolyn Wolfe

Of Colored Realities  by Richard Fein

Design   by  John Grey

Sunshine on the Rubble   by Holly Day

Poetry 4

The Tavern of Bad Adventures   by  Matthew Wilson

Dance Band Instrumental    by  Richard Fein

Here and Now    by Roger G. Singer

#2     by Glenda Walker

Stories 1

One Night    by  John Richmond

Ritualized Continuum    by Glemn A. Bruce

Stories 2

Memories  of  Fidel   by Henry F. Mazel