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Current Issue Spring 2013


Poetry 1

Love   by  James B. Nicola

Returns  by Gerald Solomon

Springtime Samba  by Eira Needham

Poetry 2

Whitman Trails   by   John  Grey

Springtime  by  James  G. Piatt

Santa Ynez River   by  James G. Piatt

Gratefully Gathering  by  Kim Hazelwood

Poetry 3

The Great Return   by  Paul  Devito

Trumpet Vines   by  R.  Scott Yarbrough

Floral Fantasies   by  Kay  Kinghammer

Poetry 4

The Quantum  States Of  Insane Reality  And  Sane  Fantasy   by  Richard  Fein

Time Out    by  Valentina Cano

Binding The Years   by  Ute Carson

No Fables These   by  Oliver  Rice

Poetry 5

Sketch    by Gerald Solomon

jackson pollack, JACKSON POLLACK    by  Richard  Fein

The Color of  Amber   by   Jay Williams