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Current Issue Fall 2022

Poetry 1

The New  Creature   by John Berry

Poetry 2

The Usual Path of Cranes   by L.Ward Abel

Long Flashes  Likewise Formed   by L. Ward Abel

Why I Write  by  Lana Hechtman Ayers

My Walk Home  by John Grey

The Tempest's Can-Can   by Kim Hazelwood

Poetry 3

obituary  for  a  jack-o-lantern   by  Marc Darnell

Sublime Intervention    by Richard Weaver

Invasive Species  by Robert Beveridge

Meditation   by Diane Webster

Autumn Anticipation   by Carolyn Wolfe

Poetry 4

A Sonnet to the Beauty of the Evening  by  James G. Piatt

Christmas Gifts  by Eira Needham

The Dancer  by Sigrun Susan Lane

The Hangover  by Mike Wilson

The Little  Oxford Dictionary (1934) by Mark J. Mitchell

Poetry 5

Wait    by Fay L. Loomis

River Woman  by  Dorothy Johnson-Laird

Bridge Over The Nosterkill    by  Anne Whitehouse

Poetry 6

Carolina Wren   by Barb Brooks

Regarding The Heart   by John Grey

Each Other    by  James  B. Nicola

A Beautiful Husband    by   Nanette  Rayman-Rivera

Stories 1

Nadine   by   Adelaide B. Shaw

Also Henry    by Tom Sheehan  

Stories 2

Prom Duty   by  Brad  Shurmantine