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Current Issue Fall 2021

Poetry 1

Late Summer, Block Island   by  Anne Whitehouse

Country Life    by John L. Stanizzi

Circadian Disruptian   by Eira Needham

Poetry 2

Labor Day Storm, 2021 Tanka   by Gerard Sarnat

Green Dreams  by Joan Mazza

To Move a Whale    by Haley Johannesen

Poetry 3

November   by John Muro

Sunrise admits  by  Richard Weaver

Waking up, reclusively   by Haley Johannesen

Poetry 4

We Were This, Too  by  Michael Samra

# 3 Saugus, Embassy of the Second Muse ~ a prose poem   by Tom Sheehan

Stories 1

Nightcrawlers     by   Nick Young

Stories 2

Slip of a Finger  by Tom Sheehan