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Here at GREENSILK we have a fabulous time reading all your stories and poetry.

In fact, we can't  wait to read what you send us next!

******Submissions for the Spring 2015 issue are now open.  Seasonal  pieces always welcome. Deadline April 1st.

Send your well-groomed pieces in the body of an email to

No attachments will be opened. !!!!!!

In the subject line indicate what kind of work you are submitting, such as:

   ...story, poetry, essay or  book review with the title included, please.

Generally, there are no length requirements, however, if  your piece is over 4000 words, it had better be good. Currently we are leaning towards-the shorter the better philosophy. We prefer mainstream literary fiction, although there  may be a  few exceptions - a few gray areas. ... Use your own judgement - but be tasteful. Be artful.

Helpful Hint :  When in doubt , use humor, even if just a little.  We love to laugh. It tickles us!

Also, please include a brief  bio.  Accomplishments are  nice but not important. 

But the inclusion of a bio is very important! Otherwise, we cannot take your work seriously.

To save time, include a  brief,  informal statement claiming copyright ownership, and indicate, please, that your piece has not been previously published.

All rights revert back to the writer upon publication.  When submitting your piece afterwards to another publication, please give us first rights, PLEASE.


 About Us

Just who do we think we are?

Our mission is to help as many unpublished writers as we can.  Sometimes all an unpublished writer needs  is that first real vote of confidence.  We understand  firsthand how frustrating rejection can be.  We want to help, plus it feels really good to make an author's day!!

Why  the name-Green Silk?  

In the late 70's, an artist friend, L.Dorsey, gave me  the most beautiful green silk material I'd ever seen, from her trip around the world. I still have that worldly  material. It just seemed fitting as a name, or maybe  I'm just sentimental. This site is dedicated to the beauty that only true, old friends can bring to our experience.

                                                                                           ~ Editor

The Editor in Chief - Kim Hazelwood,  completed a BA in English after a  25 year hiatus. So, there's nothing really green about her-except her eyes. Although she writes mostly just poetry now, she  has been published in The Cynic Online Magazine,StillCrazyLitmag, and in Gloom Cupboard, and has published a children's book, CoyoteBat!, now available on Amazon, B&N and others.


Co-Editor-William Haley.












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