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Jan. 2009      Happy New Year!!


The new issue will be up soon!  As a teaser, expect another great story from Tom Sheehan! Also, Christine Potter, of the Alsop's Review Gazebo, has sent us a lovely bit of poetry we are pleased to present!  There are some wonderful new voices to be shared, so check back soon!


*****And as an editor's note, I must say,  I was  surprised to see more submissions of stories than poetry!  Truly, I expected it to be the other way around.  Isn't poetry quite musical in theory? Not surprising , of course,  was the absolute honor and thrill of reading each and every jewel my loyal writers sent!



While you pine for the next issue, be aware that the SPRING GSJ will remain themeless.  Writers, you may begin sending in your word-jewels starting Jan.1st.  The deadline has yet to be set.

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Carrying a ch'in cased in greensilk,

A monk descended from Eyebrow Mountain in the west.

When he plays, even in a few first notes,

I hear the pines of ten thousand valleys....

                        - Li Po

(ancient chinese poetry)