The Greensilk Journal
January 2015
I wonder if the snow loves the trees
and fields that it kisses them so gently. ~ Lewis Carroll                                   

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  by Tom Sheehan


When each tree’s snowed upon each limb,

when children lie sleeping waiting him,

when Lily Pond gives up owl’s quick hoot

and snow is crunching beneath my boot,


know I walk here and think now of you

who sometimes or not knew this view;

who by this pond and this water wide

may have walked about on either side;


who one summer may have lately cast

for bass or pickerel that quickly passed,

or whose shore-wide winds of December ilk

dared touch your cheek with a dash of silk;


or when plush leaves were turned to gold

as pure-flung Autumn engaged its hold.

Be sure all seasons of our younger grace

walk beside me in this near-silent place,


know I think, while Christmas spreads

from angel’s top to children’s beds,

of all my friends whom I correspond

and wish their visits beside this pond.


Come to Lily Pond again, to Saugus town,

where Christmas once was tender known,

where we gather in childhood memories

this pond’s air, its smell and winter breeze,


where all our younger lives were spent

about the shores where curving went,

and on slickered ice we slickered flew

fair to the Turnpike and out of view.


Welcome Christmas back as it was then,

the songs we sang, the friends we’ve been,

the wishes springing full spent on air,

for you all the hopes the heart can bear.
























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