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 The Green Silk Journal                

               October 2020

   It's that wonderful time of year again!

   I hope you are all well and staying safe. 
          ~Please sit back and enjoy our latest issue!~
   With deep gratitude and warmth,
   Your editors~ Kim Hazelwood Haley and Will Haley
           Such a moon- Even the thief pauses to sing.~ Buson

All Photography  by  Kim Hazelwood Haley



They were such golden sleeves.

The kind you hope never leaves.

With russet and raspberry petticoats,

Rustling and crackling,


Performing a stripper’s dance discarding,

A slow trance made of sentimental drifters.


Highly regarding,

The most bittersweet of turns,

All at once falling like snow,

Signaling the transition,

Beautiful, transforming Earth

Get in position.


Golden sunset afternoon,

Promenade dear lady,

A toast,

A roast,

A harvest moon festival,

Warms my cooling memories,

Welling up to my throat,

Of something passing,

Something boarding

A lovely November train.

     ~Kim Hazelwood Haley
























































































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