The Greensilk Journal  

 June  2017


Large finger-like leaves of a Hawaiian fern,

Seen against the sun and my joy~
                             Czeslaw Milosz




The Spring/Summer issue is ready!


Warm  thanks to all contributors, old and new!


Have a wonderful summer and look for guidelines for the Fall issue coming  in July.

~ Kim and Will Haley, editors, GSJ
















***The editors of  The Greensilk Journal proudly nominated the following selections for  The  Pushcart Prize for 2016.


From The Fall 2016 Issue:
If The World Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade, If The World Gives you Onions, Peel 'em and Cry for Awhile
 by Tom Sheehan.
August Eighteenth, Nineteen-Sixty-Nine, Big Jake  and Johnny C and Me
   by Ben Fine
From the  Spring 2016 Issue:
A Gardener's Lament: A Modified Sestina   by  Bonnie  Amesquita
From the  Winter 2016 Issue: 
Edgar Allen Poe's Wife, Virginia, Signs Up For Netflix  by Allison Thorpe