The Green Silk Journal  

 November   2017



*******We are skipping the Winter edition of GSJ for 2018. If you have submitted anything since this issue was published, then please know your piece will be considered for the SPRING issue. Submission deadline for the Spring GSJ is set for  March 5th. All themes welcome.



The Fall Green Silk Journal is here!  Happy Halloween!

Many thanks to the new and usual suspects!   Please enjoy this latest issue! Beware, some pieces are Creepy!


A chilly front has moved into the Shenandoah Valley, so in celebration of Autumn and the latest Green Silk Journal,

I raise a hot cup of cocoa to GSJ's  beloved writers and readers. 

Your words knock me out every day! 

With Great Love and Appreciation,

~Kim Hazelwood Haley, editor

~Will Haley, co-editor



......Melancholy time, yet magic to the sight!

Leavetaking kinds of beauty please me best:

All nature withering in a sumptuous light,

The groves  and forests gold and purple-dressed,

The wind loud tree -crests, the airy delight,

The mists that roll to trouble  the sky's rest,

The rare sun-ray and the first test of frost,

The distant menace  of winter's grizzled ghost.

    ~ Alexander Pushkin














***The editors of  The Greensilk Journal proudly nominated the following selections for  The  Pushcart Prize for 2016.


From The Fall 2016 Issue:
If The World Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade, If The World Gives you Onions, Peel 'em and Cry for Awhile
 by Tom Sheehan.
August Eighteenth, Nineteen-Sixty-Nine, Big Jake  and Johnny C and Me
   by Ben Fine
From the  Spring 2016 Issue:
A Gardener's Lament: A Modified Sestina   by  Bonnie  Amesquita
From the  Winter 2016 Issue: 
Edgar Allen Poe's Wife, Virginia, Signs Up For Netflix  by Allison Thorpe