The Greensilk Journal                                      April  2016

**** Poetry! Please don't forget to send in soon!
******Submissions for the Spring 2016 issue are now open.  Seasonal  pieces are always welcome.  But this time there is a directive for short stories. 11 words only. That's right! Really short stories, only  11 words.  Let the fun challenge begin!  Deadline: April 15th. 
****See guidelines in You Must Submit.
The Greensilk Journal proudly presents the following selections  as nominations  for The Pushcart Prize for 2015.
From The Fall 2015 Issue:
Scrawleg and The Turban Man  by Tom Sheehan.
After The Burning of The Cane Fields  by John Grey.
From the  Spring 2015 Issue:
Memories of Fidel  by Henry F. Mazel
Ritualized Continuum   by  Glenn A. Bruce
The Tavern of Bad Adventures   by  Matthew Wilson.

Photography by Kim Hazelwood


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