The Green Silk Journal   

 MAY  2018


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Irish Lion
May so Green-
Greener, Greenest.
Mornings crisp-
Afternoon soggy, hugging humidity
Everything's in the mode,
Effervescing on the eve of eventuality.
Tell me your story, Darlin'
About those lovely 
Top O' The Morning Glory vines
Appearing, singing on your trellis heart.
April May  - Knocked out by Progress,
Progressing, Progression.
Secret Conifer confessions
That finger a flowering.
And there it is-that stunning
Zorro Hydrangea
Singular and beautiful 
As a Lion in Ireland,
Remembering the sun sizzle,
But shining in the green.
That spot in my heart
A once uncrossable forest
With massive paws on Shamrocks crushed.
   ~Kimberly Hazelwood Haley
Oh, Lovely Spring! 
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With Great Love and Appreciation,

~Kim Hazelwood Haley, editor

~Will Haley, co-editor















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