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Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves, We have had our summer evenings, now for Autumn eves!”

       ― Humbert Wolfe



It is a pleasure and an honor to present these literary jewels to you this late October afternoon!

Because it's Halloween, be sure to check out Carolyn Wolfe's,  A Fear of Mirrors~ reprinted from 2013, and  Tom Sheehan's character driven, Scrawleg and the Turban Man.  Zowie! 

Special thanks to Yuan Changming and John Grey who continue to  amaze me with  profound  beauty I can always rely on and a very special thanks to several new writers from The Shenandoah  Poetry Alliance which are featured here as well.

It was particularly joyful to put together  this edition of  the GSJ, because  it marked the 10th anniversary of the very first issue of The Greensilk Journal!!  Stay tuned for announcements of special issues  next year which will feature a compilation of The Best of  10 years of Greensilk!! Plus interviews with writers that  have become quite successful!

As always, I remain enchanted and humbled  by the jewels I find in my inbox everyday.

Stay warm and enjoy the crisp Autumn air.  ENJOY THE FALL 2015 ISSUE of The Greensilk Journal!  I'm off to make some Pumpkin Chai!~ With Great Love~ Kim Hazelwood, editor with Will Haley, co-editor.



Photography by Kim Hazelwood


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